Of all of the cities in Massachusetts, Salem has a unique part of American history. It is a location that is in stark contrast to Boston. When people think of Massachusetts, they are thinking about Fenway Park, the Boston Tea Party, and everything that has to do with the Revolutionary war. However, in Salem, this is a city that has a haunting history, one that attracts an incredible number of people that have heard about the Salem witch trials. You can go to the actual locations where this occurred, and if you are into paranormal events such as ghosts, there are tours that you can take in the late evening hours.

What Tours Do They Offer?

Some of the tours that they offer include the Salem Smugglers tour or the Paranormal Salem Investigation tour, both of which talk about history with a scary edge. There are also historical and heritage tours that you can take, and walk tours, allowing you to see the different aspects of the city. Despite its morbid past, it is now a beautiful place to visit. You can also go out on boats, take Segway tours, and once you are done in the city itself, you can head down to Pickering Wharf. There is quite a bit to do, but to make sure that you are not overspending on your vacation, you need to book everything before you arrive.

Travel Package Deals You Can’t Pass Up

Most savvy travelers understand that when you book everything together, you are simply going to save money. For example, when you travel to Boston, if you were to only pay for the flight, and then the hotel and car separately, you would be overpaying by at least $1000. When you book everything together, it appears as if you are getting the hotel and car for free in some cases while you are making the purchase, take a look at the tours that are currently being offered on these travel websites and take advantage of the steep discounts.

Salem is a city of mystique, one that is just as famous as Boston. It attracts a completely different type of traveler in most cases. You will see many people traveling there just to learn more about the witch trials, and those that are looking for ghosts as a hobby. However, in the daylight, you are simply going to enjoy the beautiful architecture you will see. It’s also a great place to stay if you want to travel to other areas of Massachusetts to make your stay in this state even more worthwhile.