Georgia is a great state with a lot to offer. If you’ve never been to the state, then you’re probably wondering what is there to do and what can you see. With that said, below are a few things you can do and see in the state.

1. Arts & Culture- There’s no better place to experience arts & culture than Georgia. You can pay a visit to the Old Governor’s Mansion, which was home to governors of the state between 1839 and 1868, or you can take a historic trolley tour in Milledgeville. Other things you can do includes going to the DeKalb History Museum, Emanuel Arts Center or the Historic Mable House to name a few. Whether it’s in Atlanta or a rural area or a small town, the chances are you’ll be able to visit something that is arts & culture related, but do make sure you visit the attractions that were just discussed.

2. Golf- If you are a fan of golf, then make your way to Georgia because there’s no shortage of courses you can go to. In fact, there’s over 100 courses located throughout the state. Some of the best courses to go to include Hawks Point Golf Club, Houston Lake Country Club and the Pines Golf Course to name a few. All you have to do is search for golf courses in the area of Georgia you plan on visiting and you’re bound to find at least a few in that area.

3. Atlanta- Let’s not forget to mention that Atlanta is probably the first city that comes to mind when you think of Georgia, and there’s a lot of reasons why. For starters, Atlanta is home to world class tourist attractions, so you’ll always have something to do when there. There’s plenty of places to dine at, and even if you’re the most pickiest eater, you’ll find a restaurant to suit your taste buds. Atlanta is also a shopper’s paradise and it has everything from novelty shops to small stores to major retailers.

Georgia has so much more to offer than the city of Atlanta, golfing and arts & culture. Those are only a few things you can do and experience while in the state. If you want to experience Georgia for yourself, then book a trip there, but make sure you research different areas you can stay in and learn about the things you can do there.