No one wants to be bored in retirement. Most people want to stay mentally sharp and physically active and some people want to keep working. Where you live in retirement will play a big role in that.

John Brady, president of, which has a large database of retirement communities in the U.S., developed this list by consulting major publications including, Readers Digest, AARP, and the Excluding large cities, Top Retirements broke it down into eight regions, with a winner for each region and several runners-up.

Above, a street musician plays during the South X Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

Some of the criteria for what make might make a town an exciting place to retire include: A prominent college or university, a diversity of ages, races, cultures, backgrounds, and interests, cultural institutions that attract locals and visitors, walkability and transportation, involved citizenry, charm and beauty of the town, an inviting natural environment, recreational and social programs for people of retirement age, and opportunity to do something different or meet an interesting person everyday.

These places have it all. These are some of the most interesting places to retire in America:

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