Whenever I had thoughts about College Park, GA in the past, I felt like this was a place that was pleasant and filled with people who had smiles on their faces all of the time. I found out recently that there are some pretty rough things that happen there. This changed my entire perception, which does not happen very often.

In November, there was an up and coming performer killed in this area. I am used to hearing about things like this happening in Chicago or New York City, but this is definitely not something that I thought would happen there. I am not sure if they caught the perpetrators yet, but I should definitely look into this soon to get some updates.

A couple of days before Christmas, there was an armed robbery attempt in College Park. This ended with three people losing their lives. It almost seems like this city is in the middle of a war zone. I would never want to live in or near a place that was like that.

I have family that lives in Georgia and they never told me that this area was like that. Then again, it is not like I ever asked. I am going to get in touch with them soon to see if they are all okay. It is not like I can convince them to move if they are in the vicinity, but at least they will know that I care what happens to them.

I know that crimes can happen anywhere, but these are pretty horrific occurrences that happened in a short period of time. I am going to look around and see what else has been happening there. Maybe this is a fluke and these things are not as typical as they seem.